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How to Thrive in Our Neurodivergent Homeschooling & Homemaking Life

Life is messy and chaotic in the best of times. But being a neurodivergent homeschooling mom – phew. I created Intentionally Well because I want to feel like I am thriving and living my best life—a life I intentionally created for me and my family. I bet you do, too. For us, a big part of that is choosing to homeschool after having a difficult time with public school. My children had different needs that could not be met in their conventional school.

While I might not know why you decided to become a neurodivergent homeschool parent, know that you will find safe spaces here as you navigate your homeschooling journey. I want you to leave my little corner of the internet having your questions answered and resting in a feeling of peace in the best way. Here, you will find all types of homeschooling curriculum reviews and information, homemaking tips to ease the stress of keeping up your home and refreshing encouragement to (hopefully) boost your mental health.

Because neurodivergent children live life in different ways and have unique needs for their learning environment, there are extra layers for homeschool families. We often need to provide extra time, opportunities for sensory input or decompress sensory overload, a structured daily routine, emotional support, etc.

Home education provides a way to meet all your child’s needs and work at their own pace. But it’s also hard. Sometimes, it’s really hard. Add in the busy days filled with therapies, playgroups, and those nature walks we are always planning but never actually get to. It’s a lot.

And I get it. As a neurodivergent family with a house full of neurospicy kids, life is never dull! Once we think we have it all figured out, something changes – like those special interests. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone all in with materials matching a child’s special interest, only to have it change. Or it’s starting a new weekly activity like occupational therapy or co-op. It means I might need to change our homeschooling schedule, curriculum, or even how we implement chores – both mine and theirs! 

We are always tweaking life to find what’s a good fit. And I hope you find your answers here at Intentionally Well. Click around and check out what’s here! You can follow me on Instagram for more of our daily life. Also, don’t miss out on joining my mailing list! You’ll get my Organize Your Life Bundle and a monthly newsletter with the most important things, like special tips and resources. 

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