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The intentionally well family pictured in a family photo. Here is everything you need to be encouraged as a neurodivergent homeschooling mom with neurodivergent kids.
My family in the fall of 2021

Intentionally Well: How to Thrive in Our Neurodivergent Homeschooling & Homemaking Life

Life is messy and chaotic in the best of times. But being a neurodivergent homeschooling mom – phew. Sometimes, it can feel like we are only surviving and aimlessly moving through the day (or week, month…).

I created Intentionally Well because I want to feel like I am thriving and living my best life. A life I intentionally created. I bet you do, too.

As a neurodivergent homeschooling mom with a house full of neurospicy kids, life is never dull! Once we think we have it all figured out, something changes. That might mean we have to change a homeschool curriculum or how we implement chores. Add in the busy days filled with therapies, playgroups, and those nature walks we are always planning but never actually get to, it’s a lot. It’s overwhelming.

I’m not fond of that feeling, and I bet you aren’t either. I mean, there has to be more, right? While we all have seasons of struggle, I hope you find refreshing encouragement here. You will also find all types of homeschooling curriculum reviews, information, and homemaking tips to ease the stress of keeping up your home.

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