Why I Blog

When I first had the idea of starting a blog, I didn’t really know what I wanted it to be about. There are thousands of blogs out there about all topics. How could I add to that in a purposeful and meaningful way? Nothing really came to me at first. I started looking on Instagram at other mom bloggers for inspiration. One thing that struck me in a negative way was how photoshopped and filtered the majority of feeds looked. I’d click on someone’s account, and every picture basically would have the same color palate. Or, there were pictures of families and kids that were clearly professional photoshoots. Obviously, there are exceptions, but seeing so many filtered blogs was so discouraging to me. I wanted to see how other real moms were doing real life. That’s how we learn from one another – by being real. So, that is my hope for this space, along with my Instagram account (@intentionally_well_blog). Real life without face filters. And for full disclosure, I do usually edit lighting in my pictures, because my house can be dark. Also, I have been using stock photos on the blog because I don’t have a super efficient way to get pictures from my phone to me desktop (I’m new at this, and who has the time to hook your phone up every day?). So, this is me. Mid-thirties midwestern (formerly southern) wife and mom of 3. Let’s learn how to be intentional with our time on this planet together.

I want to hear your thoughts!