About Me

Family photo circa 2018, right before we moved to the Midwest.

In early 2019, the Lord impressed upon my heart a yearning to write. Let’s be clear. I am not a writer. English was one of my least favorite subjects in school. I distinctly remember a friend writing a poem for me to turn in for an assignment, because I just could.not.do.it. So, when I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “write,” I basically laughed out loud. And for over a year I asked myself, “Write what? What do I have to say, and who would want to read it?”. I still don’t have a whole lot of clarity to those questions, but I thought starting this blog would be a good place to begin. So, here I am. Wife, mother of three precious littles, friend, but above all else follower of Christ. Here, you’ll find how I try to fill all these roles intentionally every day. My hope is this space will help you bring peace and grace to potentially stress filled days.