Our Bible Curriculum

Our Bible Curriculum

I use the word curriculum loosely here. The word routine might be more appropriate. However you phrase it, I want to share what we are doing for our Bible lessons in our homeschool this year. Our faith is part of our daily life. We are a Christian family, and my husband is actually in vocational ministry. We talk about God and the Good News in our daily life often. With that said, I have chosen to do some intentional instruction on the Bible this year. My school aged kids are still young, being only in second grade and kindergarten, so I really wanted to take that into consideration when deciding what our goals would be. I decided that rather than focus on scripture memorization, I wanted my kids to learn the narrative of the Bible. I wanted them to learn and have a better understanding of the people and stories of the Bible, and how they reveal God’s love for us.

I am using a children’s Bible as our main source to accomplish this. About 3 mornings a week, we read a selection out of The Big Picture Storybook Bible (linked here: https://amzn.to/31wJgpK ). Guys, I love this children’s bible so much. Each story is so beautifully and clearly written on a child’s level without sounding babyish. The corresponding chapter and verses are always given if you want to go even deep with your learner. At the end of each story, there is a section called Christ Connection, and this is where the story (whether taken from the Old or New Testament) is brought back to Jesus and the gospel. Lastly, the passage ends with a comprehension question for the learner. This bible isn’t particularly meant for schooling, but it so beautifully serves that purpose for our family.

This set up has worked really nicely with my girls. The “lessons” are short and engaging but also very meaningful. We are focusing on the New Testament for this fall semester. We are going to learn all about the life and work of Jesus, which will culminate with celebrating His birthday at Christmas.

Also, can I just say how much I miss in person church?! Man….anyone else? Okay, thanks. I just needed to put that somewhere.

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The Journey Begins

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Hi friends!

Do you remember in January of 2018, when everyone was set on picking their “word for the year”. It was basically the topic of every conversation I had that first week of the New Year. Some picked “peace”, others picked “determination”, and so on. It was something my friends and I all prayed over. What did we want our focus to be for the year? How did we want our 2018 to be different than 2017. Picking a word of the year was the new New Year’s Resolution. I was a fan of the idea. Sticking to a word seemed much easier than sticking to a myriad of resolutions that can quickly fall into the superficial. But, what would mine be? I thought about my life in 2017. After a difficult pregnancy, I had my third baby in the fall. I had been in “survival mode” for quite some time. You know the feeling. Where you’re doing anything possible to just get through the day. Survival mode had marked my year, and I didn’t want to live it in any longer. I was ready for my life to be proactive instead of reactive. I was ready to rise up and live each day on purpose. Intentionally. And there it was. My word for 2018. Intentional.

Keep your face always to the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you — Walt Whitman