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The Honest Christian Light Education Math Review You’ve Been Looking For

Choosing a math curriculum for my neurodiverse homeschool was overwhelming, to say the least. The number of options is staggering, and each uses its own methods. Christian Light isn’t one of the big names you typically see when searching homeschool math curriculums. So, I’m happy to share this honest Christian Light Education math review to answer your questions about this lesser-known curriculum.

Why Choose Christian Light Education Math?

Like I said, I quickly felt overwhelmed when choosing a math curriculum for my early elementary-aged kids. I googled, polled Facebook groups, asked friends what they used, and so on. A few curriculums were mentioned over and over again. So, I did a deep dive.

Christian Light Education Math Unit book used for first grade, unifix cubes, and a ruler

Because math was relatively easy for me in school, I 100% was not interested in learning new methods. Been there, done that. So the first thing on my checklist was, “Does the curriculum carry the one?”. That’s when I found Christian Light Education. And yes, yes, it does.

I was thrilled! It was exactly what I was looking for. This faith-based open-and-go math curriculum is straightforward and to the point. There isn’t any extra fluff.

Spiral or Mastery?

Christian Light Education fits within the traditional spiral method of homeschooling. Using the spiral formula, the concepts taught in each lesson are clear and concise.

A spiral method means new concepts are introduced and practiced over a few problems (typically less than 10), and then the curriculum moves on to the next skill. Additionally, previous skills are revisited consistently over the course of the year. Many kids find the spiral approach appealing because each lesson provides lots of variety. The opposite of a spiral method is a mastery approach.

What are the Lessons Like?

Each Christian Light math curriculum lesson begins with the student independently practicing math facts with flashcards. Next, the new material is introduced. Then, the student moves on to the practice problems. Each lesson has many practice problems, so I usually pick and choose what I want my kids to work on that day.

Additionally, each lesson has a speed drill to make sure students are mastering those math facts. I really appreciate this because memorizing math facts is the foundation for higher math concepts. There are ten unit books with a total of 180 lessons. The first unit is a review of the previous grade level.

One thing to note is there is not a Kindergarten level. Christian Light Education starts with first grade. So, kids need to have a basic knowledge of numbers and counting and be ready for simple addition before starting the first-grade curriculum.

What Do I Really Think?

I want to end this Christian Light Education math review with some honest thoughts. Is this going to be the right choice for every homeschooling family? As with anything, no, it’s not. If your child is a visual learner who needs lots of manipulatives, this isn’t it.

The unit books are a little dry because Christian Light uses a traditional approach. Additionally, the books are not visually engaging, with everything being green or gray in color. This never bothered my kids, but I can see how it could come off as dull.

However, personally, I like this in a math curriculum. The lessons are easy to teach, with all the information provided. There is no prep work needed, which I always appreciate. Additionally, Christian Light is very thorough in its teaching, and I would consider this an advanced math curriculum.

Furthermore, the price point is very good. The cost for the entire year is only $49.50. And the teacher manual is not needed in my opinion. The student books explain concepts well. The only additional thing you need to purchase is the corresponding flashcards.

Math with Roblox

Unifix Cubes

Learning Clock

Play Money


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