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Easy & Fun Activities for Kids to Conquer Winter Blues

We all need easy and fun activities to beat the winter blues. Winter can be so difficult for kids and parents alike. And we are in the heart of the season as we speak. February is often the most difficult winter month. It’s definitely the coldest and dreariest. You can do these activities to shake things up and fight the winter blues.

Get Messy

It’s time to let go and get out the paint and the glitter. That’s right; I said it. Get out the glitter. Pulling out the messy arts and crafts will feel special and exciting for your kids.

My middle child made a rainbow tree FULL of glitter the other day. She was so proud of her creation. Yes, there was a messy table to clean up, but seeing her joy made up for it.

It also gave me an opportunity to teach her how to clean up messy crafts properly. This means that she can be more independent next time with her activity. The more independent my kids can be with clean-up, the more likely I am to say yes to messy crafts.

Epic Obstacle Course

Obstacle Courses are great activities to beat the winter blues; there’s a good reason for that. They are a lot of fun, and they provide a lot of gross motor movement in small spaces. But honestly, often, kids will only do them for a short while.

What if you elevated your obstacle course? Let it span multiple rooms in your house. Have your kids try to complete the course by walking and crawling backward. Set a timer to see how many times they can complete the course in a given time. Can they do it blindfolded? The possibilities are endless!

To get the most bang for your buck (as in, get the most pent-up energy out), have your kids switch gross motor movements quickly. For example, go from crawling through a tunnel to hopping.

To top off your epic obstacle course, have your kids do one last run, then surprise them with a favorite snack at the end.

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Bake All the Yummy Things

Baking with kids can be stress-inducing. Same for me, friend. But it is always a hit, and you get to eat something yummy at the end. It’s really a win for all when you look at it like that.

My hack for making cooking with my kids less stressful is cooking with one child at a time. Instead of having all three squish in around the bowl, I divide up the tasks.

For example, when making cookies, one child mixes the wet ingredients, another combines the dry ingredients, and the last one scoops out the dough onto the baking sheet.

Baking with one child at a time is much more manageable, which, in turn, makes me want to do it more often.

Go for a Walk

Yep. Get outside and go for a walk. I know it’s cold. I know it’s dreary. Go for a walk anyway – even if it is just for ten minutes.

Layer up (tank top, long sleeve shirt, sweater, coat, hat) and step out into the fresh air. Spending time outside definitely helps with the winter blues. There is something magical about that crisp, cold air that snaps you out of the brain fog. When you get back, warm up with some hot chocolate.

One of the hardest things for me during this time of the year is finding the motivation to do the things. Whatever the things may be. This is punctuated by the difficulty of task initiation I already experience due to ADHD. But shaking things up and doing something fun and different for the day can make all the difference.

I hope these ideas encourage you to take action to fight the winter blues, not only for yourself but also for your kids.

What are your favorite winter activities? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, like and share this post if you enjoyed it.


  1. Lauren

    These are such simple wonderful ideas that really help when you’re in the middle of a long winter. Getting outside always lifts my spirits plus my little loves helping me bake!

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