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The Practical Homeschool Room on a Budget for the Every Day Homeschoolers

Our Homeschool Room

Intentionally Well: Living on Purpose with Purpose Every Day

We are very lucky to have a dedicated homeschool room in our house. We converted a downstairs office to a space strictly for learning. Today, I wanted to give you a little tour of this room. Here’s the thing, I don’t live my life for social media. You’re not going to see the perfect Pinterest or Instagram space. However,, you will see a practical and perfectly functional space for our family.

I love having a separate space for our homeschool room. My children do their school work all over the house, often working on math in the living room, for example. But it’s nice to compartmentalize a little bit. I like walking out of the homeschool room at the end of the school day and closing the door to my teacher self.

Let Me Show You Around

I love the big table that has room for all of us. My kids sit here to do art or listen to me teach when I’m using our whiteboard. I love these wall-filing shelves. I like to keep lots of colorful construction paper here for easy creative access. There is also a little turn table storage container to store our crayons, markers, and glue. Then, we have a. bulletin board to hang up their creations.

I recently bought this cube storage shelf for my girls to store their textbooks. Last year, we used plastic storage boxes stacked under the table, but we moved a toy box upstairs to make room for this shelf. I really think it is going to work beautifully. Each school-aged child gets a cubby. The baskets on the bottom will store our read-a-loud books, headphones, charging cords, and other miscellaneous things we use often.

My favorite thing that I have added is this little fidget station on top of the shelf. My children love to have something little to play with throughout the day, and I have already caught them playing at this station throughout the day.

Pin it

I love this comfy chair on the opposite side of the room, and I sit here often to read while my children are working independently. I love how it is positioned next to the windows. This rug is another favorite of mine. It provides a lot of texture and warmth to the space without being scratchy. The little wooden rocking chair is a favorite of my middle child. It actually belonged to my dad when he was a little boy, so it is extra special.

As you see, I don’t have rows of bookshelves. Honestly, I don’t have the space. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good because I have to really consider space when deciding how many books to buy. Bad because I have to consider space when deciding what books to buy.

Ha! It is so easy to fall into the “give me all the books!” mindset when homeschooling. There are so many good ones! But in our homeschool room, I really only have these two long shelves for extra storage. They came with our house when we purchased it three years ago.

Here is where I keep all my teacher manuals, flashcards, inflatable globe (seriously, don’t spend money on a real globe that takes up lots of space), and manipulatives for my preschooler. I also keep the spines for our social studies curriculum on these shelves.

There You Go

I hope you enjoyed this homeschool room tour. I hope this encourages you to use your space intentionally without feeling the pressure to make it look perfectly Pinterest-approved. You do you, bestie. Create a space that is functional for your family and real life.


  1. Savannah

    I love it, especially the corner with your reading chair! We are house hunting now, and even though we just have a one year old son at this point, a playroom that could eventually become a homeschool room is a big priority for us!

  2. Shanna

    Thank you for this!!! We have decided to home school again for the upcoming school year and I have decided to create something like this in our downstairs library area. This provides me with some inspiration to get started.

  3. Lindani Lucky Thango

    Thank you for sharing this insightful link on homeschool room tours! It’s always inspiring to see how others create engaging learning environments for their children. The attention to detail and organization in the room you’ve shared is truly remarkable. I particularly appreciate how the space fosters creativity and curiosity, which are essential for effective learning experiences. Looking forward to more valuable content like this!

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