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Easy and Strategic Ways to Use YouTube in Homeschooling

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Learning to use Youtube in homeschooling is the best hack I’ve learned. I know screens can get a bad rep a lot of the time. However, when I am strategic with YouTube, I get so much bang for my buck (as well as the kids!). With the help of other homeschool mamas, here is a list of strategic ways to use Youtube in homeschooling (without any guilt!).

Travel the World

Our Social Studies curriculum has us traveling the world this year. We study maps, read books, and write about a specific country weekly. We also log on to Nat Geo Kids‘ YouTube channel to see if there are any related videos, which there typically are. These videos are my kids’ favorite part of the week. They love learning about a new country through the eyes of other kids.

Read Aloud

Did you know there are thousands of read-aloud books on YouTube? Seriously. This one surprised me, but it’s true! Check YouTube if you want to read a particular book, but your library doesn’t have it. It’s most likely there—everything from Charlotte’s Web to The Very Hungry Caterpillar to everything in between.

I’ve even found some less popular books that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. This is a great way to incorporate more books into your kids’ daily routine, especially if you have a reluctant reader. (You can read more tips on helping your child learn to love books here)

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Get Moving

Between the pandemic and winter, it’s safe to say that we all spend a lot of time inside our homes. When we have a lot of pent-up wiggles, we turn on YouTube to move our bodies. If you need something active, GoNoodle and Koo Koo Kangaroo are great options, especially if you need a quick brain break. If you want something more focused, you can’t go wrong with Cosmic Kids Yoga. My kids even like to lay out towels in the living room like yoga mats.

Entertaining the Toddler

I know. I know. But look, there is no (absolutely zero) shame in using the tools you have in ways your family needs. Youtube has wonderful resources to teach and entertain toddlers because sometimes you need to prepare a math lesson, make lunches, or go to the bathroom alone.

Did you know the super popular Cocomelon was a Youtube channel before it was on Netflix? It was even previously called ABC Kids TV. Super Simple Songs legit taught my youngest his letters and numbers (#noshame). We’ve also recently discovered Bounce Patrol, which my three-year-old seems to enjoy.

Animal Studies

It is common for elementary-aged children to have a strong interest in animals. Watching videos fosters the love of animals, the earth, and the environment. BBC Earth has a beautiful channel about all things animals. There are many videos where you see animals up close in their natural habitat. I love that BBC Earth also always encourages taking care of our planet.

And, of course, it’s easy to search for a particular animal I recommend previewing these first because certain videos are more graphic than others. Additionally, My kids thought it was hilarious when I try to hide my feelings about snakes. Yeah…I wouldn’t say I like snakes.

Art Class

I’ve shared before that art isn’t my thing. I forget to plan for it, and I am not crafty. Enter YouTube to save the day for my girls who enjoy drawing. We love Art for Kids Hub for teaching us to draw cute, cartoony things. You can also do things like to explore the Louvre! How cool is that?

Being able to use Youtube in homeschooling has been a game changer. We get to learn and explore places and interests that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise. The concept I want my kids to internalize most this school year is that we live in a vast world full of exciting people and places.

YouTube has given us a window into this world in a beautiful way. Use it, mama, unashamed and guilt-free! If you already use Youtube, what are your favorite videos and channels? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, like and share this post if you enjoyed it.


  1. Amber

    I know kids have it harder these days but information is actually easier to come by. They have everything at their fingertips. This is wonderful!

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