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Hurry! Take Advantage of These Incredible Summer Homeschool Resources

I begin looking for summer homeschool resources when my kids show new interests. One of the best things about homeschooling is the ability to follow and encourage our children’s delight in new things, topics, and experiences.

Sometimes, they have so many things they want to explore but don’t know what to focus on. My child is currently bouncing among dolphins, coding, and even aliens! Summertime provides an excellent opportunity to explore and engage in new topics before committing to an entire study during the school year.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my time for this post. As always, my opinions are honest and true to my personal experience with these products and services.

Try New Things

Not every homeschooling family takes a summer vacation, yet most homeschoolers switch to a lighter and more relaxed schedule during the summer months. This is the perfect time to check in with your child and gauge their new interests. Wherever their curiosity takes them, Homeschool Buyers Club has the resources.

Homeschool Buyers Club is like Costco for homeschooling. And what’s better than Costco? Nothing, nothing is better than Costco. Homeschool Buyers Club has curriculums and resources for any and everything. They provide free resources and discounts to things you’ve already heard of, like Mathseeds, Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers, RightStart Math, and SO much more. We have enjoyed diving into the free and discounted summer homeschool resources.

Visit New Places

When you think of summer homeschool resources, do you think of your location? Stop and look around! Is your preschooler interested in diggers (this is my youngest child!)? Call a local construction company and ask if they will let you visit the lot to look at the machinery up close. And go on all those field trips you didn’t get around to during the school year.

Take a day trip to a new city. We live in Indianapolis, and Cincinnati is only a few hours away. We took a day trip to Loveland Castle and the zoo, and it was SO much fun! They have animals, like manatees and a Komodo dragon, that our local zoo doesn’t have. What’s a place near you that you’ve heard of but never visited? Get together with some other homeschool moms, and I am sure you will be able to brainstorm some fantastic ideas.

3 children pictured in front of Loveland Castle, outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Outside of Loveland Castle
3 children at the gardens of Loveland Castle in Cincinnati, Ohio
Gardens at Loveland Castle
3 children outside of the zoo in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cincinnati Zoo

Stay Home

If traveling is not an option this summer, have no fear! You can explore new interests and summer homeschool resources from your living room. Whether watching a documentary on Netflix or taking a tour through a museum on the other side of the world through YouTube, there are endless ways to tap into new things without leaving your home.

I like to try out subscription-based curriculums in the summer. Most have a free trial period, which allows us to see if the subscription will fit nicely into our homeschool rhythm. Homeschool Buyers Club has the best price on so many subscription-based curriculums. One we chose to stick with is Mathseeds and Reading Eggs, which my preschooler loves.

Mathseeds displayed on a laptop.
My preschooler LOVE Mathseeds!

Don’t Let Summer Pass You By

Whether you travel the world or keep it close to home, let’s commit to spending our time intentionally this summer. Let’s allow our children to stretch, grow, and try new things while we take a break from rigorous academics. Whatever you choose, Homeschool Buyer’s Club is here to help you on your exploration journey. Check them out today!

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