I Can’t Believe I Was Diagnosed with ADHD at Age 36

I Can’t Believe I Was Diagnosed with ADHD at Age 36

Yep. That’s me – diagnosed with ADHD at age 36. Within the neurodivergent world, there are MANY adults receiving a diagnosis of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) right now. Have you seen the news reports of the nation-wide adderall shortage? Why is this? I think it comes from a few factors.

First, definitions, detections, and diagnostic criteria have expanded SO much since we were in school in the ’80s and ’90s. Doctors know so much more about ADHD now, which leads to easier diagnoses.

Secondly, many of us have children who have ADHD. Being the mama bears we are, we have entrenched ourselves in learning every single thing we can about how our child’s brain operates. We are their advocate, protector, and cheerleader.

So it makes sense that while parenting in the neurodivergent sphere, some of us saw characteristics of ourselves. What we thought was normal, might not have been as normal as we thought.

My ADHD Symptoms

I am here to share my own personal experience. Keep that in mind. No two people have the same story. But here are some things I learned are actually characteristics of ADHD, and that I saw in myself:

  • Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria.