The Top 10 Picture Books About Faith for Easter

The Top 10 Picture Books About Faith for Easter

Picture books about faith are such a great way to teach our kids about the love of Jesus during the Easter season. My kids’ faces light up with excitement when they discover new books in their Easter baskets. Below are our favorite engaging stories that are sure to spark wonderful conversations about our Lord.

Through beautiful illustrations, this book tells the story of the Bible (in broad strokes, of course) from the Garden of Eden to the resurrection. Furthermore, this story explains the purpose and importance of salvation.

Arthur, as my children affectionally call this book, has been a favorite story in our house for many years. This book does a wonderful job of showing the characteristics of God in a fun and engaging way.

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers is a series of small books with a big punch. These books explain the big ideas of the Christian faith in a way that is easy for children to understand.

“You can do hard things,” is a mantra often repeated in our home. That is the big lesson in this tale about a little lion who learns to be brave in order to save a friend.

Technically, this is not a picture book, as in it’s not telling one story. Yet, this science-based devotional is so good that I had to include it in this list.

This story wonderfully illustrates the beauty of diversity in the world and that Jesus came to Earth for everyone.

This book tells the story of a child with a disability through their sibling’s eye. Children learn we are all different but also the same. This story encourages wonderful conversations about compassion, diversity, and empathy.

I love the Little Bible Heroes series so much. Each book is a double story. You can read the first story, then flip the book over and read a completely new tale. Who doesn’t love a 2-for-1 book deal?

This rhyming picture book shows children God sees all and knows their hearts, and that fact is something to take comfort in.

Your family is sure to enjoy these picture books about faith as much as we do! Exposing my children to Jesus through books has fueled their understanding, curiosity, and love for the Lord in an exciting way. The questions and conversations we have had after reading these books have been incredible. And if your kids aren’t into reading books right now, have no fear! I have totally been there. Go check out this post to spark a love of books in your child.

The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 8 and Under

Look at these top picks for gifts for kids 8 and under that are not only budget-friendly but will also grow with your child. This post contains affiliate links, which help support this space at no added cost. Also, check out my gift guide geared specifically toward children with ADHD. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

These blocks are so great and can be used by any age to make simple or complicated structures.

This customizable stuffed animal was such a favorite with each of my kids when they were young toddlers.

The perfect gift for your emerging authors and illustrators. Have your kids write and illustrate their own book, then send it off to be professionally made into a real hardcover book!

Have your little mermaid snuggle up in this cozy blanket all winter long.

Put on a show with this fun set of puppets.

Bilibos are an open-ended toy that can be used in so many fun ways. We also use our as “wiggle seats” during homeschooling.

These On the Go Craft Kits are perfect stocking stuffers! They are perfect for screen free entertainment in the car, if you’re traveling this holiday season.

My 6 year old received this face painting kit for her birthday, and it has been a favorite for all 3 of my kids. I love it because it washes off SO easily and doesn’t stain.

I cannot tell you enough how much my kids love these books. They are cute and sweet stories that actually teach our kids about the scientific method in a fun and engaging way.

This fun toddler scooter will be under the tree for my 3 year old this year! I love how it has two wheels in the front to help with balance. 

Slime, slime, and more slime. Need I say more? Seriously, though, I like how this kit contains ready made magnetic slime, which was showcased on Emily’s Wonder Lab.

Did you know triangle crayons help teach proper grip? These Jumbo Triangle Crayons are great for little hands.

Do you have a fashionista like I do? My 6 year old received this jewelry making kit last year, and she still plays with it at least once a week. 

My 8 year old has become very interested in origami over the last several months. I plan on getting her this set. I really like how the paper is double-sided. 

This fairy garden is growing in my kitchen this very moment. The kids had such a fun time creating it, and now we are watching the grass grow. They can hardly wait to string the included lights for a special and unique night light. 

There’s a reason Tinker Toys are such a classic.

I’m not the crafty mom, and that is why I love all in one craft kits. Look at how stinkin’ cute this robot craft kit is!

Get your kids outside and moving without the clean up of Nerf guns with this Laser X laser tagging game.

Who doesn’t want to cuddle up with Baby Yoda from Mandalorian on Disney +. This 8″ plush Yoda is perfect for your little Star Wars fan.

Harry Potter is as popular now as it was ever. This Room of Requirement LEGO Set is so fun but not overly complicated to assemble.

There you go! I hope you found some fun things your kids will love. A special thanks to my dear friend, Meredith, for her contribution to this gift guide.