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You’re Going to Want This Digital Household Assistant to Organize Your ADHD Life

“Ding!” I hear a text notification. I unlock my phone and read, “We missed you at practice!” Shoot. I forgot my son’s soccer practice was today. Have you ever had that happen? Please say yes, so I’m not alone, ha! Life is always busy, and keeping track of school, extracurriculars, appointments, and so on can be hard. Thankfully, I was introduced to Beehive – the household assistant in my pocket made for homeschooling moms.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time for this post. As always, my opinions are honest and genuine in my experience with these productand services.

Homeschool Management

The Beehive app is tailored to homeschooling moms. It is simple and streamlined to keep track of tests, projects, quizzes, etc. I love my homeschool planner, but occasionally, I need a quick overview of where my kids are academically.

Furthermore, sometimes my ADHD self forgets to record a grade, and then I remember at the worst time – like the grocery store.

With this app, I don’t have to be home with my lesson book to keep track of all the things. And it automatically graphs grades, giving a simple visual to see how everything is going.

As my kids age, I see how online learning will become more prominent when homeschooling. With this household assistant, you don’t have to continually log in to the dashboards across curriculums. You can lesson plan once, and then it’s all in one place.

Something that is truly unique about Beehive is that within the app, there are supplemental learning videos for your child. Supplemental learning is included for reading and math, with plans to expand to other subjects and topics in the future. Each grade offers specific topics to work on mastery.

Organize Your Home Life

Beehive doesn’t stop at tracking homeschool metrics. You can also keep track of your family’s schedule. All of those appointments, practices, and lessons are in one place. Even better, you can sync with your partner. I really appreciate this feature.

I tend to compartmentalize life and keep homeschooling things in my lesson book and family life things in my paper planner. But sometimes, I compartmentalize too much and over-book our schedule.

Beehive’s What’s Next feature is my favorite part of this household assistant. With three kids who all have various extracurricular activities, therapies, check-ups, and play dates, looking at my whole calendar can be overwhelming. But with the What’s Next feature, my schedule is broken down to today and tomorrow, with an expanded look at the week and month. This makes everything feel more manageable.

The Beehive What's Next feature is shown with a screenshot of this household assistant.

My Overall Thoughts on Beehive

I really enjoyed getting familiar with and using Beehive. It is an excellent tool for those who need a space to keep quick and concise records on homeschooling and family life.

However, I would like to see the app become more customizable across the board with future updates. For example, each grade only has a few options for the Growth Plans. So, if you have a fifth grader who is still working on a concept from another grade, you are unable to access the needed Growth Plan from that child’s profile.

Because homeschooling is so individualized, it’s common for kids to be ahead in some subjects and behind in others – especially for a neurodivergent family like my own. I know Beehive plans to expand the Growth Plans, so I expect to see this flexibility soon. I hope you download and explore the app to see if it fits your family well!

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