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Common Sense Press Language Arts is the Open and Go Curriculum You Need

Pictured are the Teacher Book and Student Workbook for the Yellow Book of Common Sense Press

If you are looking for an open-and-go curriculum, check out Common Sense Press Language Arts. Common Sense Press is a Christian-based curriculum that has been providing homeschool materials since 1989. Starting with their Learning Language Arts Through Literature book, and I am SO happy to be able to share the LLATL Yellow Book with you today. The Yellow Book is designed for third grade.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. My opinions are honest and true to my personal experience with this product.

Why Common Sense Press?

First, let me tell you more about Common Sense Press language arts. There are so many open-and-go language arts curriculums on the market. It can be completely overwhelming trying to decide which one to use. What makes Common Sense Press special is its focus on classic literature. The Yellow Book contains rich stories, including Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, and more! There is such value in learning these stories that have been around for generations.

Additionally, Common Sense Press materials are:

  • Complete and require minimal planning on your part
  • Designed for students to work independently
  • Intentional and not reliant on busy work
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use, even for a first-time homeschooler
  • Helpful and responsive customer service


The Yellow Book

Learning Literature Through Language Arts with Common Sense Press is an open-and-go curriculum designed for first grade through high school. Each grade is differentiated by color. The Yellow Book is meant for third grade. However, we all know sometimes a homeschooled student’s age-based and academic grades can differ. I like how Common Sense Press uses the color method because it removes the pressure of “being on grade level.”

The Yellow Book includes 36 lessons divided into five days to cover an entire school year. In this open-and-go language arts curriculum, you will cover literature, grammar, spelling, reading, critical thinking, cursive writing, and creative writing.

Day one of each week introduces a literature passage, which is the central theme. Furthermore, each week ends with a review activity. I appreciate this because it lets parents track how well their child retains the material. Assessments are also interwoven throughout the year. I know I always like to see the inside of curriculum books, so I’ve included pictures of a typical week below. Check out Lesson 20 from the Teacher Book!

Next, look at the corresponding lesson in the Student Activity Book. Everything your student will work on for the week is in this workbook. Three cheers for fewer materials to keep track of!

Lesson 20

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed exploring Common Sense Press and The Yellow Book. It is an excellent fit for third grade because it involves enough work to be challenging without becoming overwhelming. I love the focus on classic literature throughout the year. There is something so special about uniting generations old and new with stories.

Common Sense Press provided an excellent and thorough education. Check out this open-and-go language arts curriculum today! Also, don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY in this post! And enjoy 15% off with code SUMMER2022, valid until 8/31/22.

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