Intentional Word of the Year

Intentional Word of the Year

New Year’s resolutions have been fading out of fashion over the last several years. It’s no wonder. They’re often daunting, overwhelming, and by mid-February only a distant memory. My biggest gripe with resolutions is that usually they’re made without much thought.

What’s taken its place, though, is choosing an intentional word of the year. Having a word or short phase to continually refer back to for the entire year is a great way to bring focus and intention to the mundane of every day life.

Looking Back

NURTURE was my intentional word of the year for 2020. I had several areas of my life that needed tending to grow and mature. Things I nurtured were my spiritual life, my marriage, relationships with my children, my love for the outdoors, and so on. It was a wonderful word. I had it posted on my bathroom mirror for the entire year.

When I think of nurture, I always picture the growth and resilience of nature.

On the hard days, because we all have hard days, I would see it right there in f