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Greg Landry’s Online Homeschool Science Empowers Students to Reach Their Goals in Higher Education

As homeschooling families, we want to prepare our kids well as they begin their journey into higher education. This is why I’m excited to share with you how Greg Landry’s online Homeschool Science curriculums (formerly Greg Landry’s College Prep) come alongside us with impactful and thorough classes. Professor Landry not only teaches science classes and labs, but he also teaches comprehensive Student Success Skills and ACT Prep Bootcamp.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time for this post. As always, my opinions are honest and genuine in my experience with these productand services.

The Importance of Student Success Skills

Did you know almost all students need to be explicitly taught how to take notes? Was that something you learned in school? Or, Were you expected just to know how to do this? I was lucky enough to be taught how to write outlines from lectures in middle school. However, I saw friends and classmates struggle with these skills in high school and college.

The self-paced Student Success Skills teaches students how to learn and take the information taught and commit it to memory. This class teaches Professor Landry’s NSSR method of notetaking. This method teaches students how to figure out the critical information a teacher tries to convey during a lecture.

Additionally, the Student Success Skills class fills in any gaps in basic academic knowledge. This includes things like:

  • Metric System
  • Graphing
  • Temperature Measurements
  • Scientific Method
  • and more!

I want my children to feel confident in these skills when they enter college or whatever form of higher education they choose. And this class does have it all.

Greg Landry Has Online Homeschool ACT Prep Covered

Does this scene sound familiar? The day you’ve been anticipating is here. Walking into a stuffy classroom filled with other anxious students, doubts swirl in your head, questioning whether you’re ready. That’s right; it’s the day of the ACT. Sound familiar? We walked into that room with hope, a prayer, and fingers and toes crossed.

Oh, how different it could have been if we were set up for success! Most colleges and universities require students to take the ACT, or similar test, to apply. Thank goodness things can be different for our kids with Greg Landry’s online Homeschool Science ACT Prep Bootcamp. Studies show that students who take time to prepare well for the ACT do significantly better than those who don’t. This self-paced ACT preparedness class covers so many useful and practical things:

  • ACT scoring
  • Making the most of time management
  • What to do when you don’t know the answer
  • Understanding how the ACT asks questions
  • Triple-pass Method
  • How to dissect incorrect answers

Additionally, ACT Prep Bootcamp offers multiple practice tests that were once official ACT questions. Through homework, students identify areas of weakness and skills to improve. This course is only four sessions, which I loved. It is enough to be impactful but not so many to be overwhelming.

I appreciate that Greg Landry’s online Homeschool Science cares about the whole student. Professor Landry truly wants his students to succeed and makes himself available for direct contact through email. Check out the ACT Prep Bootcamp and Student Success Skills today!

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