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Help! How Do I Find Time to Read More as a Mom?

How do we, as moms, find time to read more? The never-ending mountain of laundry, countless errands, and preparing meals that the kids will inevitably refuse to eat. It never stops. I read all the time before daily life…took over my life.

I grew up in a reading house. My parents would spend an entire weekend engrossed in books. I credit this constant picture of my parents reading for instilling my love of books. I want my kids to love books too. And I know seeing me read will encourage them. Plus, I missed it! I got focused and can now say my robust reading habit is back! Here is what I did. And make sure to read to the end to get my list of favorite books!

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Audiobooks were life-changing for my reading habit. Life-changing, I tell you! Did you know you can listen to an audiobook while doing the dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, or rocking your baby to sleep? You can!

Audiobooks are available on several platforms. Some are free, while others have varying costs.

  • Audible – Up to $22.95/month
  • Scribd – $11.99/month
  • Chirp Books – purchase individual audiobooks at a discounted rate
  • Hoopla – uses your local library’s catalog
  • Libby – uses your local library’s catalog

Because I love audiobooks, I always carry my AirPods in my pocket. And having to opportunity to listen to a book while doing an otherwise dull chore will motivate me to do the task. Furthermore, I prefer to listen to audiobooks at an increased speed, so I read more books this way.

Keep a Book With You

There are many times we unexpectedly have some downtime, whether it’s the carpool line, waiting room, or having to stay in your car because the baby fell asleep and never transfers well (I can’t count the number of times I had to do this!).

Instead of scrolling social media, open up a book! It seems like such an apparent hack, but remembering to bring a book with you in the first place is the trick. So, the first step is setting a goal to keep a book within reach throughout the day. That could be as simple as tossing a book into your purse or diaper bag.

Read in the Morning

Morning is often when kids are the happiest. They will often entertain themselves the best at the beginning of the day. So, instead of checking the news or listening to music in the morning, pull out your book and take advantage of this opportunity.

You can even teach your children to stay in their room until a specific time each morning. Our kids can’t come downstairs until 6:30 am. That still seems early, but they have always been up with the sun (or before!).

Having 30 minutes to yourself first thing in the morning is also an excellent self-care opportunity. Imagine drinking your coffee hot without reheating it!

Read on Your Terms

You get to decide what your reading habit looks like. Never feel the need to compare yourself to others. Reading one book a month (or less) is fantastic. There is no pressure or race to win. It’s supposed to be fun!

Additionally, structure your reading habit to be the most enjoyable for you. Maybe that’s reading using a Kindle or having a supply of adorable bookmarksPerhapsbe it’s lighting a candle and setting the tone of your environment.

And don’t be afraid to DNF (Did Not Finish) a book. If a book is not holding your attention or you’re not enjoying it move on. Life’s too short to read bland or underwhelming books. Keep a TBR (To Be Read) list going so you always have something to move on to.

There you have it! All the ways you can find time to read more. Please share this with your friends, and I’ve listed some of my favorite books below to get your TBR started.


  1. Makayla

    I love this!! I am not a mom yet, but I still feel the pain of having little time to read in my busy schedule! I, too, have found audiobooks to be a life saver, but I love your other tips too!!

  2. Spicy Rocking Chair

    I have always treasured my reading time. I use to read when my son would go down for a nap in the afternoon or when we were at the park and he played with the other kids. The audiobook idea is a great one…I never did try that.

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