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MYTEK LAB Has the Technology Education Future Covered: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Technology Education Future

I’ve found the secret to the technology education future for homeschoolers! It’s MYTEK LAB. I know trying to stay up to date on technology feels like we are sprinting down a never-ending track. Things are constantly shifting, changing, and progressing.

How are we supposed to stay hip to the times – much less teach our kids? I mean, I don’t know how to code! What is JavaScript? I can barely keep this website running, ha. The idea of teaching my kids techy things feels like a mountain I don’t want to climb. Thankfully, we don’t have to! MYTEK LAB takes care of it for us. And they do it in an impressive and comprehensive way.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time for this post. As always, my opinions are honest and genuine in my experience with these productand services.

Do I Really Need Technology Education in My Homeschool?

The short answer is yes. We need to include tech education in homeschooling. Maybe not in the early years, but definitely by middle and high school. Technology is a rapidly moving field that affects almost every area of our lives. We need to ensure our kids have a solid tech foundation to succeed.

MYTEK LAB does just that. Creators and founders Stephen and Jacky Souders are experts in education and technology. It’s the perfect combo. MYTEK LAB covers all types of tech concepts:

  • Computer Fundementals
  • 2D and 3D Game Art
  • Web Design
  • Robotics
  • VR Development
  • Database Development
  • Networking
  • Linux System Adminstration
  • JavaScript Programming

How Does MYTEK LAB Work?

MYTEK LAB is an online homeschooling or supplemental curriculum offering a variety of classes in the technology field. MYTEK LAB knows the technology education future moves rapidly, so courses are continually updated to ensure students learn the latest information. Geared towards grades 3rd-12th, classes include:

  • Computer Technology
  • Information Technology 1
  • Information Technology 2
  • Computer Science 1
  • Computer Science 2

Students attend live online classes with other kids. And don’t worry. The recording is uploaded to your Student Dashboard if you miss a class.

If live classes aren’t your thing or don’t work with your schedule, MYTEK LAB offers a Flex Pace option for most of their classes. This is where you work through the class at your own pace. You can start when you want to and complete assignments independently without the pressure of a deadline.

I always appreciate curriculums that incorporate accommodations like Flex Pace. As a mom of kids with ADHD and dyslexia, they often need more time for their assignments.

A child is attending a live MYTEK LAB class on a laptop. This is the technology education future.

Can You Have Community in an Online Course?

Most of the time, completing online courses feels like you’re on an island out in the middle of the ocean. And we think nothing of it. But that is not the case for MYTEK LAB.

Stephen Soulders (Mr. MYTEK) is incredibly personable when teaching. He calls students by their names and does a great job answering every question in the chat. It creates a beautiful feeling of community within the class.

Additionally, the teachers also make it really easy to ask for help. MYTEK LAB has message boards where students post questions. Mr. MYTEK can answer them, or students can help each other. Mr. MYTEK even has a Discord where students can get help.

Final Thoughts

MYTEK LAB checks all the boxes of technology education. I was blown away by how much students can learn from each course. I might even need to take a few!

MYTEK LAB offers Flex Pace courses for $199 and live classes for $49/month. However, Jacky Souders (Mrs. MYTEK) is offering a special discount of $15 off the monthly rate for new families—just email And I hope you do! Check them out for all your tech education.


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