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Called to Write: Testing…Is This Thing On?

Hi. Hello to the vast space that is the internet. Let’s have a little story time, shall we? Last year was a big year for me personally. There were a lot of big changes to my life ( you can read the 3 measly posts before this one for more context). I really felt like I was called to write. But write about what? I’m pretty basic. A mid-thirties millennial living in the mid-west. Then, life got hard. It turns out, moving across the country is incredibly difficult. It’s difficult to lose your community. I felt alone. This internet space that I created with such great intentions faded away into obscurity. Like, I didn’t even think about it any more.

Then, something happened. The clouds parted, and the gray season I was in started to clear. I started to feel like my human self again. I got healthier. I started exercising. I looked around and saw my people – my community whom I had prayed for, and who the Lord so graciously brought me. And then, the little whispers started again. Write.

I logged on to my old site, and lo and behold, it was still here. I still had my domain name. So, here I am writing…we will see what happens next.

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